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After you let us know you want our help, we want to hear all about your project.

Get us as much information you have about your requirements, your audience, your dream wish list. Don't leave anything out.

Everything is possible.

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Clients often are surprised to realize that the ideas they have are possible. It's not always easy, but there is always a way. There are so many tools out there. If we don't know how to use these tools, we learn them quickly and don't charge you for the learning curve.

Sometimes we even come up with new things you never dreamed were possible.



The design process is iterative until you are happy. Hopefully this is two rounds of revisions. After you approve the design, we move forward with building.



The building process involves assembling all the HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java/PHP/.NET code required to create the final product. Things get tested. You try it all out.



Once everything looks great, it's time to launch. Everything is tested again. You start spreading the word. We stay ready to help with any issues that arise.



You will get feedback from users. Users always manage to do something nobody expects. They also want things you never thought of. We are prepared to make changes to accommodate these requests and your project only gets better.